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Important artifacts can be located on mobile devices

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

The use of mobile devices has increased in recent years and the data that one contains may be important evidence in a case. In today's society almost any case could have some type of digital element. However, there continues to be a lack of awareness of the value of data that may be available. From sending messages, searching the internet, and making updates on social media to creating videos and photographs of locations and activities; mobile phones and tablets are now part of every day life. They are included in all facets of our daily environments.

Additional uses for these devices now include reviewing and editing documents and email, locating addresses and determining travel routes on maps, online shopping and payments, and posting or sharing information on applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and other electronic communication platforms. Now, mobile data may also be backed-up on cloud storage, computers, or even servers.

There is a vast range of information stored on mobile devices that could prove useful including but not necessarily limited to:

-Call records


-Text/Chat messages

-Multi-Media messages

-Email (personal and/or corporate)




-Internet browsing data


-Audio recordings

-WiFi connections

-Bluetooth connections

-GPS/location data

-Other App Data (Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, etc.)

As with laptop computers, desktop computers, and networks, an adequately examined mobile device could provide important information in support of a case. The examination should be conducted by a forensic examiner with knowledge and experience in using the proper techniques to extract the data in a manner that will be admissible in court.

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