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Discovering Digital Evidence within Office Equipment

A majority of people now use electronic devices including computers, tablets, digital cameras, digital video recorders, smartphones, game consoles capable of holding data, GPS devices, digital music players, and other external media storage devices.


Businesses use many of the same electronic devices and further include printers, scanners, and fax machines that may hold data on internal drives. 

Preserving Electronic Evidence

Often in the early stages of a case, the scope of work may be limited to a small window of time for simply determining what systems are relevant, how best to preserve them, and what analysis or ESI processing might need to occur down the road.
In the process of E-Discovery, electronically stored information (ESI) on digital devices is sought, located, preserved, and reviewed with the intent of using it in support of a legal proceeding.

All digital forensic services are provided by a Certified Computer Examiner.

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